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Detroit Auto Show: Audi unleashes the beastly Q7 V12 TDI
Posted Jan 7th 2007 5:32PM by Eric Bryant
Filed under: Concept Cars, Detroit Auto Show, SUVs, Green, Audi

Audi refers to its new V12 TDI turbodiesel as "majestic", but somehow, that word fails to adequately describe the company's latest oilburner. Grammy-winning singer Seal was on hand to belt out his hit "Crazy", and that term more accurately describes a 6L diesel that makes 500 HP and 737 lb-ft of the twisty stuff (that latter number is maintained in the useful range of 1800- 3000 RPM). This is accomplished via a pair of variable-vane turbochargers that apply 1.6 bar (24 PSI) of squeeze to the intercooled intake charge, and a direct injection system which employs piezoelectric injectors to spray fuel - including multiple pre- and post-combustion events - at a mind-boggling 2000 bar (30,000 PSI). A compression ratio of 16:1 and heavy use of exhaust gas circulation also help keep down the emissions, which meet the 2010 Euro-5 standard.

All that power is fed to an all-wheel-drive system that maintains a 40:60 front-rear balance to maintain what Audi refers to as "slightly tail-heavy, sporty handling characteristics. To slow nearly three tons of mass moving at superlegal velocities, a set of monstrous disc brakes are fitted (the diameter is unspecified, but the fronts appear to be somewhere north of 15"). The concept also carries an interior trimmed in impractical white leather and light-colored carbon fiber.

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