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MTV to pimp out a '65 Impala with 800hp biodiesel for Earth Day
Posted Apr 14th 2007 5:26PM by Sam Abuelsamid
Filed under: Sedans/Saloons, Green, Chevrolet

Next week on MTV, it's a "Very Special Edition" of Pimp My Ride. In honor of Earth Day coming on April 22, the crew of the popular MTV show that proves on a regular basis that having a large budget in no way guarantees good judgment will be updating a 1965 Chevy Impala. Generally, the best way to have a 65 Impala help the environment would be to tow it to the nearest car crusher and then melt it down to make new cars.

That, however, wouldn't be nearly as entertaining as the approach taken by the crew at Galpin Auto Sports, and it certainly wouldn't merit inclusion here. Instead, they've tossed the old pre-EPA engine that was in the Impala. GM provided the team with a brand new Duramax diesel V-8 as is used in the automaker's full size trucks and SUVs, and after a few minor tweaks, it was installed in the Impala. Result: the GAS crew took the engine from 360hp to 800hp running on biodiesel! Stay tuned for more on the veggie oil special later this week.


I certainly don't agree with Mr. Abuelsamid's view that old classic cars should be melted down.
In fact, I hope this trend catches on. That is, after all, why I started this community in the first place!
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