We can have our cars, invest in our country, and protect our planet too!

Biodiesel + HO diesel engines = sustainable muscle
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This is an experimental community about an experimental concept...

Seeking ways for muscle car enthusiasts to use sustainable fuel sources
without sacrificing the true essence of the "gearhead" experience.

I think there is a way... High performance diesel engines powered by BioDiesel.
The concept would entail retrofitting HO diesel engines into classic muscle car bodies.
Obviously this will not be acceptable to a hard-core "all-original" classic muscle purist.
But for folks who simply want a bad-ass classic ride, while still being conscious about the environment, this is the way.

Today's high-performance diesel engines are proving themselves daily on the drag strips.
The sound, the smell, the grease, the big blocks and displacement.
It's all there with diesels (except spark plugs).

They provide all of the same experience we know and love about gas cars, with the environmental advantage of BioDiesel.

BioDiesel is diesel fuel that is made by refining vegetable oil rather than petroleum.
It runs in nearly all standard diesel engines without modification, and provides the same performance as petroleum diesel.
Performance that simply cannot be obtained from hybrid vehicles or current hydrogen technology.
BioDiesel is renewable and can even be made from waste vegetable oil.
With inexpensive home refining kits it can be produced right in your own garage.
BioDiesel also reduces (and has the potential to one day eliminate) our dependence on foreign oil.

What could be more patriotic than that?

All this and fewer emissions to boot!
Biodiesel burns much cleaner than standard diesel and has no sulfur content.

This community is dedicated to finding resources and information about bringing this concept to fruition and spreading the word.
We can have our cars, invest in our country, and protect our planet too!

Biodiesel resources:
http://www.biodiesel.org/ National Biodiesel board
http://www.ebb-eu.org/ European Bodiesel board

Diesel engine manufacturers:

Transmission adapters: